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The Italian Institute of Dental Education was founded by Dr. Omar Fabbro and Dr. Michele Tepedino. The Founders were inspired by the idea that knowledge is the true treasure of humanity. Knowledge and learning make us better professionals, better healthcare providers, better entrepreneurs, and better human beings above all.

After building an entire career on the pursuit of learning and expertise, they decided to dedicate their commitment to the creation of a reality where knowledge could be available to anyone. Quality education is unfortunately not always accessible to everyone due to barriers that can be geographical, financial, social, or even political.

The mission of the Italian Institute of Dental Education (IIDE) is to bridge the gap by providing access to quality  education worldwide offering a contemporary and engaging learning experience.

Why choose us

  • The best certified speakers
    Our certified speakers are selected among the most relevant personalities in the dental field. You will learn from the best professionals from all over the world from the comfort of your home. We are dental professionals like you, and understand the value of your time. With our IIDE courses you can take your practice to the highest standards while managing your learning schedule to fit your needs.
  • High level education experience
    Our courses are designed using the highest standards of video and audio quality, but also built to fulfill the most up-to-date pedagogic and scientific guidelines. Each course is organized as a progressive path that leads you towards an in-depth knowledge of the topic. In addition to the video-lessons, we have incorporated practical activities to help consolidate the theoretical concepts that you have learned. You may also verify your learning achievements by taking the progressive tests. The community forums allows you to connect with your speakers and peers to further enhance your learning experience.
  • Accessible education
    The mission of the Italian Institute of Dental Education is to provide high level education that can be accessible to all. This is the reason why our policy is to provide affordable education while keeping the highest standards. You will surely find the one-time or subscription plan that will fit your necessities.
  • Certify your skills
    Every course once completed will grant you a certification. You are able to choose between an electronic version or a precious and elegant parchment to showcase your achievements.
  • 360 Dentistry
    Our courses cover all aspects of Dentistry: from basics to advanced techniques in all dental fields, to business and practice administration, marketing, operations and staff management. We also have a special section for mandatory courses established by the Italian regulatory authorities.
  • Live events
    The Italian Institute of Dental Education also organizes live events: do not miss those special opportunities to interact with our speakers and to experience the next level of IIDE education.

The Italian Institute of Dental Education was founded upon solid values: integrity, openness and integration.

IIDE’s coat of arms summarises all the values embedded in the spirit of our organisation; therefore, it would be our pleasure to explain the elements that compose it, to let all of you fully understand the meaning of the IIDE.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with heraldry, a coat of arms is composed of a shield, a crest, the supporters and a motto.

  • First of all, the main colours of the coat of arms are gold and red. Both colours symbolise nobility and pride, to signify that our Institute is founded on the principle of integrity and that it is proud to disseminate the Italian culture.
    The two lions supporting the shield are similarly a symbol of nobility because culture and knowledge are what elevate the human soul.
  • Three figures are depicted in the shield: a hammer with two nails, an olive tree and the icon of Saint Apollonia.
    The hammer and nails are symbols of labour, inventiveness and perseverance: thanks to all these virtues, our founders were able to establish the Italian Institute of Dental Education.
    The olive tree is a symbol of peace and reconciliation; it represents the value of inclusiveness that inspires the IIDE. Moreover, the olive tree was at the centre of the life and culture of the oldest Italic populations.
    Finally, Saint Apollonia is considered the patron Saint of all dentists, because she was tortured by having all her teeth pulled out with the pincers that she now holds in her hands. Besides the meaning related to the Italian Catholic heritage, it is a universal symbol of sacrifice and dedication, which are absolute prerequisites when striving for excellence.
  • Below the shield we have the mottoTimeo hominem unius libri’. From Latin to English this translates as ‘I fear the man of a single book’ and is attributed to Tommaso D’Aquino (Thomas Aquinas), a philosopher at the border between Classical and Christian culture. Knowledge does not mean blindly to believe in a ‘Truth’ spoken by some salesman; knowledge arises from doubt, from the desire to break the boundaries of the unknown, and from the awareness that every single person has a piece of wisdom to share.

In conclusion, we hope that you will end up loving our coat of arms and being proud of studying at the IIDE which symbolize dedication, perseverance, integrity and inclusiveness.

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Read the welcome message from the IIDE's CEO:

 We are delighted to have students of any level of expertise – from recent graduates to experienced clinicians – from all over the world. Our commitment is to provide educational excellence to everyone, across boundaries.

When we decided to found the Italian Institute of Dental Education, we were enlightened by the idea that knowledge is the very treasure of humanity. Knowledge is valuable because it is the sum of the experience of thousands of people who preceded us, achieved over years and through many failures. Yet, all these failures and experiences when transmitted to others help them to become better professionals and better human beings in the end. This is particularly true when applied to healthcare. Our mission as doctors is to improve our patients’ health and quality of life, but we will be able to fulfill this task only if we keep studying and training through our whole careers. We need to strive for excellence, to improve our skills, to keep pace with the latest innovations and to expand our knowledge. If we all study to reach excellence, everyone will benefit from it because we will be providing better healthcare to all our patients. Wouldn’t it be great if every single person in any corner of the world could get access to the best healthcare possible?

This is the mission of the Italian Institute of Dental Education: to put all our efforts to overcome the boundaries that limit the access to the leading edge of dental education. Our courses are held by our certified teachers, responding to our strict professional requirements, and designed to give you first-class content and a great learning experience with a touch of Italian style.

We love culture, we love art – the classic Italian cliché – so we have poured a bit of that into our courses. We are sure that you will enjoy it.

We are glad to have you on board on this journey toward educational excellence. I am sure that you will love studying at the Italian Institute of Dental Education.

Dr Omar Fabbro